A comparison study between the blue economy gross value added (GVA) in Baltic sea “EUSBSR” (Poland) and east Mediterranean sea(Egypt)

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A recent trend in the economy focus on the new concept of ‘blue economy’ it has a new dimensions in the last few years, it is important to highlight the maritime activities’ vision in Poland with its national economy , the papers in that field explain the regional implementation of the blue economy , it is a few visions about the local dimension of blue economy. That can be according to the absentness of statistical data for maritime economy. The aim of the explain of definition and evaluate the statistics of employees and gross value added between the Baltic sea EUSPSR( Sweden ,Denmark, Estonia ,Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland) (EU strategy for the Baltic sea region(2023), and east Mediterranean sea( Cyprus,Malta,Greece,Croatia,spain,Italy,france,turkey,israel,morocco,Egypt,Montenegro,Slovenia,Monaco,Tunisia,Albania,Algeria,Lebanon,Syria,bosnia and Herzegovina and Palestine)( the marine and coastal environment(2023).
The paper focus on the strategy of the “blue ocean” with its opportunities in the rural areas of many sectors that will support the global competition at the Baltic sea EUSBSR and east Mediterranean sea.

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