A proposed model to estimate the most important factors affecting customer satisfaction with Egyptian handicrafts A case study in the area of (Khan Al-Khalili - Al-Azhar - Al-Fustat)

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Associate Professor in business administration Administrative Sciences King salman international university


The past years have witnessed great momentum for the development of craft and heritage industries in Egypt, as some laws and legislation were issued and amended that aim to develop the industry and provide financing and technical components to advance it and enhance its competitive capabilities to keep pace with Egypt’s Vision 2030. These policies also aimed to integrate these industries into the sector. Officially, many entities concerned with supporting craft industries have also been developed. This study was conducted with the aim of identifying the factors affecting the decision to purchase Egyptian handicrafts among tourists. The size of the research sample was 150 individuals selected from three areas in Cairo (Khan Al-Khalili - Al-Fustat - Al-Khayamiya in Al-Azhar) using the appropriate sampling method. Primary research data was collected through a questionnaire form prepared for this purpose using the personal interview method. The data was analyzed using a five-point Likert scale. The results of the study showed that there is a positive correlation between the level of satisfaction and the quality, price, promotional activities and motivation for handicraft products. The study recommended the need to focus on these factors to stimulate the movement of handicraft sales among tourists.

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