A Proposed Framework for Improving Online Banking Transactions Using Blockchain

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1 Business information systems,helwan university,cairo,Egypt

2 Information Systems Department, Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.


The aim of this article is to propose a framework for mobile applications to improve online banking transactions using blockchain to secure customers’ accounts for any transactions via application. The application addresses customer account security issues by improving online banking transactions. Blockchain technology creates a ledger to protect against hacking, improving efficiency. This solution reduces complexity by allowing apps to maintain and share secure, visible, and immutable records. The blockchain has the potential to optimize the internet banking sector by enhancing privacy, transparency, and effectiveness. Blockchain could change online banking by boosting transaction speed, lowering costs, improving transparency, and increasing privacy. It may also reduce the need for third-party intermediaries such as clearinghouses and other financial institutions. Consequently, transaction costs are reduced, and efficiency is increased. Additionally, by documenting all transactions and making it simpler for regulators to monitor transactions and avoid fraudulent activities that surround many of us as a result of corruption, blockchains can promote transparency. There are several methods that can satisfy the requirements of online transactions. Most online banking transactions that use blockchain to enhance frameworks benefit from a variety of technologies to provide comprehensive solutions. Consequently, for the blockchain to acquire its full potential in the online banking sector, these dangers must be addressed. while safeguarding the user and the infrastructure for smart applications. This paper provides a proposed framework for online banking transactions using blockchain.

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