The Role of Digital Supply Chain in Enhancing Industry 4.0 Capabilities Influence for Better Strategies of Transportation Logistics: An Applied Study on the Shipping and Transportation Services Sector in Egypt

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Purpose: This study investigates how Industry 4.0 capabilities influence transportation logistics strategy, with a focus on the mediating role played by digital supply chain efficiency, in other words, elucidating the underlying mechanisms through which Industry 4.0 capabilities shape transportation logistics strategy via digital supply chain efficiency.
Methodology: The target population consists of companies of courier services located in Egypt, like DHL, Aramex, FedEx, Bosta Sportation, and several other companies with large business volumes. Primary data was collected via questionnaires directed to employees working in supply chain departments of companies working in the shipping and transportation services.
Results: Results indicate significant associations between Industry 4.0 capabilities, Digital Supply Chain Efficiency, and Transportation Logistics Strategy. The findings are anticipated to assist companies in devising informed strategies and initiatives to leverage the full potential of Industry 4.0 in optimizing transportation logistics processes and securing sustainable competitive advantages in the digital age.
Keywords: Industry 4.0 - Transportation Logistics Strategy- Digital Supply Chain Efficiency

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